Rock band collective You Me At Six Take on the World in Nottingham with nothing but passion on 9th February 2023 after playing their Uk tour at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham.

The British rock band, aka You Me At Six, are best known for their sophomore record Take on the World and album Night People. The band played seventeen songs from their concert at Nottingham, promoting their most recent album, Truth Decay.

You Me At Six perform at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

You Me At Six seamlessly took to the stage and delivered an incredible performance. The band played fan-favourites Deep Cuts, No Future? Yeah Right as well as classics Bite My Tongue and Take on The World which brought the crowd to life. The show’s setlist was a creative mix of throwback and modern hits. Finishing the set with an acoustic rendition of No One Does It Better, they were quickly back for the hit SUCKAPUNCH, Underdog and Beautiful Way.

You Me At Six are currently on their Truth Decay Tour 2023 tour and you can find all future dates here. All in all, YMAS pulled off an incredible show for Nottingham.

Truth Decay by You Me At Six

You Me At Six’s eighth studio album Truth Decay was released on January 27th, 2023. The album is a mixed bag of different styles and is a slow burner but has some decent moments. The album opens with ‘Deep Cuts’, a song featuring a hook more than a little derivative of ‘Can’t Stop’. The album is about self-worth self-love and acceptance, rather than doom, gloom and self-sabotage.

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