wet leg plays ur mum at rock city nottingham on 25th November 2022
Wet Leg Plays Ur Mum at Rock City, Nottingham

Indie-rock collective Wet Leg played "Ur Mum" in Nottingham on their UK tour after playing in a busy and energetic Rock City. The indie-rock duo, aka Wet Leg, are best known for their soph...

COIN performs at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham on 21st November 2022
COIN Wanted It All at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Pop-rock collective COIN Wanted It All in Nottingham on 21st November 2021 after playing their second to last gig on their UK Tour at packed Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. The American rock-p...

Sea girls perform at Rock City, Nottingham on 17th November 2022.
Sea Girls were Adored at Rock City, Nottingham

Indie-rock collective Sea Girls toured the UK with Too much fun on 17th November 2022 after playing to a sold-out Rock City. The English indie quartet, aka Sea Girls, are best known for th...

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