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Beeston Street Art

Launched with a festival in June 2018 Broxtowe Borough Council commissioned as many artists from around the world to produce street art as part of its Beeston Street Art and Square...

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The Infraordinary within the Everyday

Locked in the confinement of my own space, in a time so unordinary, I explore and question the infraordinary. To discover what remains, what we don’t notice, what doesn’t call attention to...

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Art Theory: A Discussion on the Absent Body

Introduction ‘Every work of visual art is a representation of the body’ (Elkins 1999, p.1). Expanding on this statement I will go into discussions on the absent body and the invention of...

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Is Every Picture a Picture of the Body?

Introduction Within this discussion I will be responding to the question ‘is every picture a picture of the body?’. Firstly, I will be covering the theory of looking. Within this topic,...

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Jeff Wall: The Flooded Grave

The flooded grave, a Photograph created by Jeff Wall. This photograph is composed of 75 different 35mm Photographs that have been taken over a two-year period (1998-2000). Jeff uses state of...

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What is Surrealism Photography?

This study will discuss and raise many questions such as ‘What connects photography to a surrealism of the everyday?’, 'What makes the everyday so surreal?', furthermore 'How can one see...

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Mental Health Photography

Mental Health is something we should always be aware of and pay attention to no matter how serious. In the UK, one in four adults lives with a mental health issue. With an increase in...

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