Indie-rock collective Kaiser Chiefs toured Nottingham on 19th November 2022 after playing their final gig of the tour at Motorpoint Arena.

The Leeds quintet, aka Kaiser Chiefs, are best known for their record Ruby and most famous album Employment. The band played a total of 18 songs to finish off their All Together tour.

The Fratellis support Kaiser Chiefs at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Supporting the Indie-rock band was The Fratellis, a dynamic band which many are familiar with. The Fratellis came to prominence in 2006 due to their song Chelsea Dagger. The band set an amazing tone for the night with their bold opening set. This set included Chelsea Dagger, Yes Sir, I can boogie (Baccara cover) and Whistle for the Choir. Track Chelsea Dagger got the crowd going with its punchy rhythm, catchy lyrics, and upbeat tempo. Later songs such as Yes Sir I Can Boogie were a great surprise to many, the song filled Motorpoint with nostalgia and pure enjoyment as the crowd got stuck in singing along. The set was soon closed out and The Fratellis opted for a final track, Runaround Sue (Dion cover). The song, which polished off a great set, kept the crowd going and left their mark on the city. Following the set, The Fratellis took the time to [interact with the fans which only sparked the electricity within the venue.

Kaiser Cheifs performs at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Next up, Kaiser Cheifs seamlessly took to the stage and delivered an incredible performance. The band played fan-favourites I Predict a Riot, Everyday I Love You Less and Less as well as classics Ruby and The Angry Mob which brought the crowd to life. The show’s setlist was a creative mix of throwback and modern hits. Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson brought an immense amount of energy to the concert and stated that he will sing until he loses his voice due to it being their last show of the tour, he definitely held his word as the vocals, commitment and enthusiasm from Ricky were immense. You should definitely make sure to snag tickets to a Kaiser Chiefs tour, let’s hope this wasn’t their last one.

Kaiser Chiefs finished their All Together tour with a great bang in Nottingham. You can see any more upcoming tours here. All in all, both acts The Fratellis and Kaiser Chiefs pulled off an incredible show for Nottingham. Keep an eye out for their next tour.

Employment by Kaiser Chiefs

“Employment” is the debut album by English indie rock band Kaiser Chiefs, released in 2005. The album is known for its energetic and catchy sound, combining punk, new wave, and Britpop influences.

The album opens with the hit single “Everyday I Love You Less and Less,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its punchy guitar riffs and memorable chorus. “I Predict a Riot” and “Oh My God” are other standout tracks, both featuring anthemic choruses that are sure to get stuck in your head.

Lyrically, the album touches on themes of everyday life, with frontman Ricky Wilson’s sharp wit and observational style shining through. “Saturday Night” and “Modern Way” are both odes to the weekend, while “Na Na Na Na Naa” is a tongue-in-cheek song about the power of catchy pop songs. Other notable tracks on the album include the melancholic “Caroline, Yes” and the reflective “Team Mate.”

Overall, “Employment” is a strong debut album that established Kaiser Chiefs as a force to be reckoned with in the indie rock scene. It received critical acclaim and has since become a beloved classic among fans.

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Kaiser Chiefs - Employment - My Record Collection - Vinyl

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