Rock band Wolf Alice surprised Nottingham by adding an additional venue, Rock City, to their sold-out UK tour.

The alt-rock English Quartet aka Wolf Alice, are best known for their record Don’t Delete The Kisses and most recent album Blue Weekend. The band played a lively 17 songs from their sold-out UK tour.

Wolf Alice are a Quartet consisting of Ellie Rowsell (vocals, guitar), Joff Oddie (guitar, vocals), Joel Amey (drums) and Theo Ellis (bass). Forming in 2015, Wolf Alice have picked up a GRAMMY nomination for Best Rock Performance, two BRIT nominations, two NME Awards and the Q Award for Best Live Band. The band have played a massive 187 shows; including a sold-out Alexandra Palace, London and 2 sold-out dates at Brixton Academy London. The band have graced the stage at various worldwide festivals including the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. Wolf Alice now return with their third album Blue Weekend.

Matt Maltese Supports Wolf Alice at Rock City, Nottingham

Supporting the alternative rock band was Matt Maltese, a rising artist who has made a name for himself in the industry. The artist set a slow and relaxed tone for the night with his opening set. His performance hooked the crowd with rhythm, catchy lyrics, and laidback tempo.

Wolf Alice perform at Rock City, Nottingham

Next up, Wolf Alice seamlessly took to the stage and delivered an incredible performance. The band played fan-favourites Smile, The Last Man on Earth, as well as classics Don’t Delete The Kisses, Bros and Silk which brought the crowd to life. The show’s setlist was a creative mix of throwback and modern hits from their third album, Blue Weekend. You should definitely make sure to grab tickets to Wolf Alice’s next show in Newcastle.

Wolf Alice are currently on their UK tour promoting Blue Weekend. You can find all future dates here. All in all, both acts Matt Maltese and Wolf Alice pulled off an incredible show for Nottingham.

Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice

“Blue Weekend” is the third studio album by British indie rock band Wolf Alice, released in June 2021. The album is a departure from the band’s previous work, with a more polished and experimental sound that draws on a range of genres including rock, pop, and electronic music.

The album opens with the atmospheric and dreamy track “The Beach” before moving into the catchy and energetic “Delicious Things” and “Lipstick on the Glass.” Other standout tracks include “No Hard Feelings,” a slow-burning ballad that builds to a powerful crescendo, and “The Last Man on Earth,” a soaring anthem that showcases lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s haunting vocals.

Lyrically, the album explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The band’s songwriting is at its best here, with evocative and poetic lyrics that are sure to resonate with listeners. “Blue Weekend” is a masterful album that showcases Wolf Alice’s growth as a band, with a more mature and nuanced sound that’s sure to win over new fans while also satisfying longtime listeners.

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