The Opening act

To warm up The Leadmill for Twin Atlantic was Bloxx, fronted by Ophelia Booth. The London based indie band may only have one EP to their name but that definitely did not stop them from putting on an exceptional performance. Topping Spotify’s Indie List playlist as well as touring with the likes of The Wombats and Sundara Karmaa. Bloxx started the show with an upbeat entrance of their song ‘Sea blue‘ showcasing their indie style and guitar empowered melodies. They sang energetic songs such as ‘Novacaine’ and ‘you’. The London quartet consists of Ophelia Booth on vocals and guitar, Taz Sidhu on lead guitar, Paul Rau on bass and Josh Kinton on drums; Each musician complimented one another adequately. Their performance immediately caught the audience’s attention allowing Bloxx to kick start the gig with great energy.

Twin Atlantic Themselves

With the crowd already energised and warmed up by Bloxx, Twin Atlantic presented themselves with energy and confidence by introducing the set with their fifth album Power. The Scottish band included Sam McTrusty as the lead singer, Ross McNae on bass, Craig Kneale on the drums and the guitarist Barry McKenna. Beginning with the song ‘Novocaine’.

This instantly got the crowd cheering and jumping, creating a powerful and engaging atmosphere. The smaller venue with only standing added to the compact, powerful and engaging atmosphere. Due to the limited space Twin Atlantic engaged personally with their fans; as lead singer Sam McTrusty propped himself between the stage and barrier, to which he took and recorded with a fan’s phone. This created a much-appreciated bond between the artist for a personal and interactive performance from the band. Singing a mix of older songs and new songs such as, ‘I Feel it too’ and ‘Volcano’. Twin Atlantic also brought back other songs from as early as 2012. Twin Atlantic finished off with an acoustic version of ‘heart and soul’, the set came to an end. The band were very humble of the fans and implied how much fun they had at The Leadmill in Sheffield.

Power by Twin Atlantic

“Power” is the fifth studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Twin Atlantic, released in January 2020. The album features a mix of anthemic rock tracks and experimental sounds, showcasing the band’s versatility and musical growth.

The album opens with the energetic and guitar-driven “Oh! Euphoria!,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its catchy hooks and powerful vocals. Other standout tracks include “Novocaine,” a synth-heavy track with a danceable beat, and “Barcelona,” a soaring ballad that showcases lead singer Sam McTrusty’s emotive vocals.

Lyrically, the album explores themes of power dynamics and personal growth, with a focus on self-reflection and empowerment. The band’s songwriting is at its best here, with thought-provoking and introspective lyrics that are sure to resonate with listeners.

Overall, “Power” is a strong album that showcases Twin Atlantic’s musical growth and evolution. The album’s mix of anthemic rock tracks and experimental sounds is sure to appeal to fans of alternative rock, while the thoughtful and introspective lyrics make this a standout release in the genre.

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