Rock collective Nothing But Thieves toured Nottingham in absolute style on 16th October 2021 after playing their final UK date at the busy Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham.

The English Rock band, also known as Conor Mason, Joe Langridge-Brown, Dominic Craik, Philip Blake, and James Price. Nothing But Thieves are best known for their sophomore record Amsterdam and most recent album Moral Panic. The bands played 19 songs from the high demanded Moral Panic Tour, promoting their most recent album, Moral Panic.

Supporting the rock band was airways and Yonaka, two dynamic rising bands who have made a name for themselves in the industry. The bands set a tone for the night with their bold opening set. Yonaka were the one’s who got the crowd going with their punchy rhythm, catchy lyrics, and aggressive tempo. Later songs from Yonaka filled The Motorpoint Arena to the brim as the crowd got stuck in singing along. The set was soon closed out and Yonaka opted for a final track. The song, which polished off a banging set, kept the crowd going and left their mark on the city. Following their set, both Airways and Yonaka took the time to interact with the fans which got the crowd energised ready for Nothing But Thieves.

Airways Perform At The Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Yonaka Perform At The Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Next up, Nothing But Thieves seamlessly took to the stage and delivered an incredible performance. The band played fan-favourites Real Love Song, Impossible as well as classics Amsterdam and if I Were You which brought the crowd to life. The show’s setlist was a creative mix of throwback and modern hits. Nothing But Thieves interacted strongly with the audience which provided a close personal act to everyone in the arena. You should definitely make sure to snag tickets to Nothing But Thieves next show in Belfast on 07/11/21.

Nothing But Thieves Perform At The Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Nothing But Thieves are currently on their Moral Panic tour and you can find all future dates here. All in all, all three acts, Airways, Yonaka and Nothing But Thieves pulled off an incredible show for Nottingham.

Moral Panic by Nothing but Thieves

“Moral Panic” is the third studio album by British rock band Nothing But Thieves, released in October 2020. The album features a more mature and polished sound compared to the band’s previous work, with a focus on socially conscious lyrics and experimental production.

The album opens with the hard-hitting track “Unperson,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its powerful vocals and heavy guitar riffs. Other standout tracks include “Can You Afford to Be An Individual?” which features a catchy chorus and introspective lyrics about the pressures of modern life, and “Impossible,” a soaring anthem that showcases the band’s knack for writing big, emotional rock songs.

Lyrically, the album explores themes of anxiety, isolation, and political unrest, with a focus on the moral dilemmas of contemporary society. The band’s songwriting is at its best here, with thoughtful and nuanced lyrics that are sure to resonate with listeners.

Overall, “Moral Panic” is a strong album that showcases Nothing But Thieves’ growth as a band, with a more mature and experimental sound that’s sure to win over new fans while also satisfying longtime listeners. The album is a thoughtful and introspective exploration of the complexities of modern life, and a powerful statement on the state of the world today.

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