My Skills

light composure

A technical understanding and experience in dealing with a different variety of lighting and being able to use this lighting to my advantage.

Professional skills

A professional yet friendly approach to all of my gigs and photoshoots to ensure a joyful experience while capturing your memories.

Perfect Equipment

High-end photography equipment to ensure the best quality available.

ultra hd

High-resolution photographs that I can optimise for both digital and print depending on your needs.


Have the ability to turn even the most banal of situations into an exquisite photograph.

Marketing knowledge

With a strong understanding and experience in marketing, I can be a key asset in your next marketing campaign with fresh ideas and content.


Luke and I worked together at SlantedPress and he was an incredibly professional freelance photographer. He was adaptable to any working environment and punctual with deadlines and copy. Luke was receptive and considerate to any creative brief and a joy to work with.

Zoya Raza-Sheikh

Co-Founder of Slanted Press
Luke was just amazing! The photos he created were stunning and delivered much faster than he originally said. He was on time, courteous, and very polite. We had a great chat and he got on with everyone he met. Luke went above and beyond to get the photos we needed and had asked for. His directions were clear and made everyone he photographed feel very comfortable in front of the camera. We will definitely be using Luke again in the future!

Hugh Boyd

Drummer for DiMaggio Jones

How A Typical Package May Look

Up to 3 Hours of Photographic Cover.
High-Resolution Images.
Exported and optimised for use on Web or in Print.
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days.
Flexible payment options to suit your needs.
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Up to 24 Hours of Photographic Cover over two days.
High-Resolution Images
Exported and optimised files for use on Web or in Print
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Flexible payment options to suit your needs
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Up to 84 Hours of Photographic Cover over one week.
High-Resolution Images.
Exported and optimised files for use on Web or in Print.
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days.
Flexible payment options to suit your needs.
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My story as a Music Photographer

I started my music photography career in 2018 where I photographed up and coming bands around the city of Nottingham. I was approached by an independent online culture magazine, Slanted Press.

Working with Slanted Press for two years I was given the freedom to experiment and build on my experience as a music photographer. Enjoying my experience in the industry of music photography and receiving great feedback from those working on the magazine and even from the bands and artists themselves. I gained a true passion for photographing gigs, concerts and festivals; this made me certain of my career as a music photographer.

Therefore I built this website to become a Nottingham music photographer and gain a digital presence. Before long I was informed that an assignment editor at Getty Images will be coming to Nottingham Trent University to discuss careers and photography. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to exchange details and get my foot in the door. During this lecture, the assignment editor stated that they were looking for a music photographer in Nottingham… Crazy right! I was extremely excited yet nervous that there was such a perfect opening for me.

After an exchange of details and a few conversations, I signed my contract with Getty Images and was one step closer to my dream job. Then… Covid-19 hit and all gigs, concerts and festivals were either cancelled or postpones before I could even photograph my first event for Getty Images.

Fast forward to today and I was fortunate enough to continue my practice as a music photographer and after one year of photographing music, I become Nottingham’s Young Creative Award Winner in 2022.

Fast forward to today, I am ever so grateful to be photographing on behalf of Getty Images and even more importantly I get the opportunity to create content for some amazing upcoming bands and artists directly.

If you are part of a band or even an individual artist, then reach out, it would be great to connect with you. You can visit my Music Photography blog to see some of the photoshoots I have been up to or even better you can get in touch and we can jump on a call, grab a coffee or even just have a chat about music.

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