My Skills

light composure

A technical understanding and experience in dealing with a different variety of lighting and being able to use this lighting to my advantage.

Professional skills

A professional yet friendly approach to all of my gigs and photoshoots to ensure a joyful experience while capturing your memories.

Perfect Equipment

High-end photography equipment to ensure the best quality available.

ultra hd

High-resolution photographs that I can optimise for both digital and print depending on your needs.


Have the ability to turn even the most banal of situations into an exquisite photograph.

Marketing knowledge

With a strong understanding and experience in marketing, I can be a key asset in your next marketing campaign with fresh ideas and content.

My Work

How A Typical Package May Look

Prices May Vary
Small Event
Up to 3 Hours of Photographic Cover.
High-Resolution Images.
Exported and optimised for use on Web or in Print.
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days.
Flexible payment options to suit your needs.
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Weekend/two-day Event
Up to 24 Hours of Photographic Cover over two days.
High-Resolution Images
Exported and optimised files for use on Web or in Print
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Flexible payment options to suit your needs
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Large Event (one week)
Up to 84 Hours of Photographic Cover over one week.
High-Resolution Images.
Exported and optimised files for use on Web or in Print.
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days.
Flexible payment options to suit your needs.
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Why hire a Nottingham Event Photographer?

By hiring a Nottingham event photographer you have the freedom to focus on other aspects of the event or to simply enjoy yourself at the event with peace of mind that your event is being documented. You will not have to fumble around with your camera or smartphone that you may not know how to work well while trying to capture every angle of the event. The last thing you want to worry about at your event is photographing that great shot to show everyone on social media and on your press release. Let me take care of the photographic documentation of the event, giving you the freedom and memories of the great event you are hosting.

Technically photographing an event can be very difficult. Sometimes the lighting at the venue is not up to standard resulting in non-professional cameras destroying the quality of your photographs, my professional photography equipment can handle low lighting very well along with my technical understanding I can photograph your event even in the most challenging conditions. Events and lighting can be very unpredictable so it is key for a photographer such as myself to know and make the necessary adjustments without a second thought of delay in order to capture the best shots for you.

No event is the same so as a client you are more than welcome to provide me with a list of desired shots as an event photographer. Occasionally I notice that a few shots may be missing off the list and as a result, I use my intuition to capture and include these photographs while also documenting and capturing all the shots needed on your list. That goes a shot list is not always needed, I am more than comfortable capturing and documenting your event using my own intuition and capturing all the needed photographs for social media, press release, magazines or anywhere else you will be using your photographs.

Staying engaged and active I aim to tell a visual story throughout your event. Making guests feel comfortable in front of the camera is also an essential part of my job. There is nothing worse than seeing a guest photographed uncomfortably.

By hiring a professional Nottingham event photographer you are not only provided with high-quality photographs but you are also showing your audience that your company is of quality and high standards when it comes to your brand, even during your events. The photographs from your event should make people want to attend and desire to be part of the fun, or at least give an insight on what to expect from your future events.

Make sure your audience knows about your event! Contact me to find out my availability.

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