The indie-pop sensation, easy life, brought the house down in Nottingham on a chilly 17th of February, setting the Motorpoint Arena alight with their penultimate UK gig. It was an electrifying evening filled with music and mischief.

As the lads from easy life swaggered onto the stage, drummer Oliver had a momentary stumble while reaching out to the lively Nottingham crowd. But hey, who doesn’t have a little hiccup now and then? It certainly didn’t dampen their spirits, and they went on to deliver a mind-blowing performance.

The band kicked things off with fan favourites like OTT and Skeletons, and the audience couldn’t get enough. They didn’t stop there, though. Hits like Nightmare and Ocean View had the crowd bouncing like never before. The setlist was a delicious concoction of throwbacks from their debut album, Life’s a Beach, and tracks from their latest masterpiece, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE.

But wait, the antics didn’t end with just the music. Drummer Cassidy decided to dive headfirst into the mosh pit during Skeletons, leaving everyone in awe. And then, in true rockstar fashion, he surfed his way back to the stage, like a wave riding a wave.

Now, here’s a moment that lit up the night – the debut performance of their upcoming single Trust Exercises, a song that’s been chilling in the vaults for a whopping five years. Talk about a blast from the past! As the first notes of this long-awaited gem filled the arena, fans couldn’t resist turning their phones into a twinkling sea of lights. Murray, the band’s frontman, threw in a reminder, “Only if you have enough battery – you’ve all got to get home after this!”.

The gig was like a neon sign marking the band’s epic journey so far. Matravers took us down memory lane, all the way back to their very first show at The Bodega. They’ve come a long way since then, hitting up Nottingham’s coolest spots like Rescue Rooms and Rock City, and finally landing on the grandest stage of all. But the best part? That mega-watt smile that lit up the whole arena. It was clear that we were witnessing a man living out his ultimate dream.

As easy life made their exit from the stage, you could hear the crowd passionately chanting, “One more song!”. Well, it’s safe to say that the band knew exactly what their fans wanted. They bounced back for a surprise encore, treating everyone to two more laid-back and dreamy tunes, Fortune Cookie, and Dear Miss Holloway, both straight from their latest album.

It was a night to remember, a musical rollercoaster that left Nottingham begging for more, easy life didn’t just entertain; they left an indelible mark on everyone who witnessed their sensational performance.

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Words by: Kay